What is SpellBound?

SpellBound is a therapeutic tool that helps children cope and engage with medical treatment, using immersive augmented reality technology. SpellBound is used by pediatric specialists to improve procedural compliance and reduce trauma for their patients.

Why do we use Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is technology that adds digital experiences to the physical world and allows you to experience them at the same time. Pokemon Go is an example of augmented reality. Because augmented reality allows the patient to stay engaged with the physical world visually and aurally, we feel it is the perfect choice for therapists who need to keep constant contact with their patients.
Augmented reality is one of the most immersive technologies out there today, which is why we use it for our tools. SpellBound is so immersive that a 2-year old will sit still during sleep study prep, a child freaking out before surgery can be calmed, and a brain aneurysm patient can be motivated to participate in physical therapy.

SpellBound is the only age-appropriate, therapy-focused, digital, solution that uses augmented reality technology that can be used in many hospital departments and procedures.

How does it work?

SpellBound uses the mobile devices (iOS and Android tablets and smartphones) you already own to turn children’s print items (books, cards) into 3D, interactive experiences. Using the SpellBound AR app, hold a mobile device up to one of the books or cards and see characters, animals, and scenes emerge in 3D, with animations, music, and sounds. The interactions were engineered with the help of certified child life specialists and rehab engineers to be effective for distraction therapy and motor skill rehabilitation.

Our Approach


Help patients cope with painful or stressful moments.


Let patients immerse themselves in amazing, 3D, virtual worlds.


Create excitement and encourage movement during rehabilitative therapy.

Leadership Team


Christina York

Founder and CEO

Anna Konson

Creative Director



Ian Natzmer

Head of Technology


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