Examples of Use Cases

How do Child Life Specialists and other hospital staff use SpellBound with their patients?

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  • Emergency Medicine: easy-to-use distraction for urgent procedures

  • Pediatrics: IV starts, pokes, EEG or sleep study prep

  • Orthopedics: motivation for rehabilitation exercises

  • Pre-op or Post-op: distraction and anxiety management

  • Relationship Building: exciting and fun tech that helps break the ice with patients

  • Oncology: Port access, anxiety management for infusions


Praise for SpellBound

With the SpellBound books and cards, we are encouraging kids to use fine motor movements to interact with them. They are motivated to keep trying even if it is hard because they want to see what comes next. The “magic” of the augmented reality aspect helps the children to escape the scary or uncertain hospital environment to do something imaginative… all while doing their therapeutic exercises.
— Jamie Mayo, Rehabilitation Engineer at Mott Children's Hospital
It’s not just something for the patients. It’s something for the brothers and sisters, the cousins and all the friends, to look forward to when they come to the hospital to visit. It makes the hospital less scary for them as well.
— J.J. Bouchard, Certified Child Life Specialist at Mott Children's Hospital