Pain & Anxiety Management Package

Pain & Anxiety Management Package


Equip your hospital with digital pain and anxiety management tools from SpellBound, the next generation of patient experience.

Journey tools provide you with magical 3D characters that allow you to distract and engage your patients for 5+ minutes, helping you build relationship and trust. You can also give away Journey tools to mark milestones in treatment, or for patients and parents to use at home! These tools are a perfect fit for quick procedures like blood draws, IV starts, and port accesses.

Quick Distract tools put a 3D world in the palm of your hand, providing you with 10+ minutes of distraction and imaginative play with patients. These cards are great for longer procedures like burn dressing changes or catheterizations, or for motivating patients to do frustrating exercises.

This package includes:

  • Myth Journey Series

    • 10 sets of 4 plastic tools

      1. Phoenix, Pegasus, Centaur, Mermaid

  • Fable Journey Series

    • 10 sets of 4 plastic tools

      1. Elephant, Lion, Mouse, Butterfly

  • Albert the Confused Manatee

    • 5 hardcover books

  • Sleep Sweet

    • 5 paperback books

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