Empower Your Patients with Augmented Education

Enhance your patient education materials with digital experiences that run on your patients’ mobile devices and in the comfort of their own home. Improve disease-specific knowledge, self-management skills, and procedural expectations by providing interactive, 3D content that more effectively allows patients to visualize and contextualize pertinent information.

How It Works

1. Install SpellBound
2. Point mobile device at the target
3. Watch the experience activate



Why Augmented Reality (AR)?


Higher Engagement

Augmented reality engages more of the senses which leads to higher engagement and better retention of material.

Cost Effective

Augmented reality is cost effective to implement, relying on the patient’s mobile devices and side-stepping expensive equipment and installation requirements.

Easy to Scale

Because the experiences run on mobile devices and activate off of printed materials, hospitals can distribute across an unlimited amount of patients, driving their desired metrics at scale.

Use Cases


MRI Simulation

This simulation allows patients to acclimate to the sites and sounds of an MRI procedure from the comfort of their own home.


Hospital-specific Projects

Any printed content can be augmented to create a hospital-specific experience that wows patients and families.


Informed Consent Booklet

Augmented reality can be used as a new method to teach concepts like health research and informed consent.