11/14 - SpellBound Visit to NYP

  • Tour of NYP Facility and Children's wings by Sharon and Sheri.
    • David and Anna inspect space, foot traffic, lighting and layout.


  • Performed tests with printed mural segment and SpellBound app.
    • Wifi and Cellular connections both good. The app is able to be downloaded in 10 seconds. The app recognizes the mural target and triggers the experience within 3 seconds.
    • Sound level is normal. Beeping and level of traffic should be fine. Because the doors are unable to stay open, Sharon and Sheri expect 6 Central to be quieter than 6 North.
    • Lighting is perfect. No direct lights- all bounced off opposite wall, so reflection should be minimal. There are enough lights to either sides to ensure little to no shadows.


  • Takeaways:
    • Sharon and Sheri interested in mini mural cards idea. Create separate targets for kids to take back to their rooms, back home, or to give to kids that can't get out of their bed.
    • Sharon and Sheri interested in piloting Magic Portal. Anna will order and send sample of removable targets.
    • First opening of 6 Central will happen in January in a low-key event with the donors. This will be without the mural. Second unveiling will happen in the spring- much larger event.
Christina YorkComment