11/14 - SpellBound Visit to NYP
  • Tour of NYP Facility and Children's wings by Sharon and Sheri.
    • David and Anna inspect space, foot traffic, lighting and layout.


  • Performed tests with printed mural segment and SpellBound app.
    • Wifi and Cellular connections both good. The app is able to be downloaded in 10 seconds. The app recognizes the mural target and triggers the experience within 3 seconds.
    • Sound level is normal. Beeping and level of traffic should be fine. Because the doors are unable to stay open, Sharon and Sheri expect 6 Central to be quieter than 6 North.
    • Lighting is perfect. No direct lights- all bounced off opposite wall, so reflection should be minimal. There are enough lights to either sides to ensure little to no shadows.


  • Takeaways:
    • Sharon and Sheri interested in mini mural cards idea. Create separate targets for kids to take back to their rooms, back home, or to give to kids that can't get out of their bed.
    • Sharon and Sheri interested in piloting Magic Portal. Anna will order and send sample of removable targets.
    • First opening of 6 Central will happen in January in a low-key event with the donors. This will be without the mural. Second unveiling will happen in the spring- much larger event.
Christina YorkComment
11/8 - SpellBound Call with Sharon Granville
  • Contract and SOW update
    • Sharon sharing with legal team to get approval
    • Once SpellBound receives payment or a signed contract or SOW, they can begin work.
  • Acrovyn mural sample
    • SpellBound talked with Jane Cary from The Art Partnership, Jane unable to get ahold of Acrovyn to get them to send sample.
    • Sharon said she'll follow up
  • SpellBound team and Sharon planned SpellBound site visit on 11/14
  • Construction plan changes
    • NYP had to turn the map sideways to create a better viewing experience
    • Some locations that were originally on the map are no longer, and some new locations are now visible.
  • Grand Opening event
    • The date of this target is TBD. Patients will be staying in the unit starting end of December
    • Acrovyn says they need 14 weeks of production time to make the mural. NYP's design firm is going to reach out to them to try to get them to speed it up.
David NesbittComment
10/25 - General Update



  • SpellBound received the Acrovyn image samples from Leslie and has run tests on both of them.
    • The images are not good triggers (not enough high contrast), but we were still able to use the parrot image to run a test.
    • The SpellBound app was able to recognize the parrot image as a trigger.
    • We printed out a version of the parrot image on paper to compare it with the image printed with Acrovyn. As you can see from our notes on the doc linked above, there was a delay of 2.5 seconds in recognizing the image printed with Acrovyn compared to the image printed on paper, which is not surprising given that the Acrovyn overlay decreases the clarity and brightness of the image. We'll run the same test with the subway image once you can provide the subway mural sample, and we anticipate it will perform much better since the subway map is much brighter and higher contrast to start with. Overall, good results.
  • SpellBound re-tested the mural subway map image
    • We found that it will serve as a very good trigger. It received 5/5 stars on the trigger quality test (whereas the parrot image received 2/5 stars, for comparison).


  • Mid-October
    • NYP/TAP will send the subway mural sample to SpellBound once they're done with it.
  • November 13th
    • SpellBound will visit NYP to do testing and observation of lighting and space considerations at the location of the mural.
  • January
    • SpellBound can be present for the Grand Opening of the wing and first demonstration of the mural if it would be helpful.
  • At Mural Completion
    • SpellBound will visit NYP at the completion of the mural project to train staff and ensure that SpellBound is installed and working on all necessary hospital devices.


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