Patient Education

Clinical Tools

Space Transformation


What do we do?

We create therapeutic experiences that educate, distract, and engage children during their hospital journey, offering moments of joy and wonder in the process.


How do we do it?

We use smartphones and tablets to create interactive 3D experiences on top of printed materials, with a technology called augmented reality (AR).


Why do we do it?

The hospital can be unfamiliar and frightening for children. We know how important it is for kids and families to have the best possible experience.

What are people saying about SpellBound?

People are really impressed when I show them what these tools can do. Sometimes I feel like the parent wants to push the kid aside and play with it themselves.
— Jamie, Rehab Engineer/OT
Oh my gosh, those were the easiest shots I’ve ever done for a 5 year old.
— Jenni, RN
Everyone is always amazed to know that I have this really cool tool that I can use with patients here at the hospital.
— Alexandria, CCLS
I was able to calm a child freaking out during a blood draw using the Quick Distract tool.
— Bethany, CCLS