What is SpellBound?

SpellBound is a therapeutic tool that helps children cope and engage with medical treatment, using immersive augmented reality technology. SpellBound is used by pediatric specialists to improve procedural compliance and reduce trauma for their patients.


What does it impact?

  • Emergency Medicine: easy-to-use distraction for urgent procedures

  • Pediatrics: IV starts, pokes, EEG or sleep study prep

  • Orthopedics: motivation for rehabilitation exercises

  • Pre-op or Post-op: distraction and anxiety management

  • Relationship Building: exciting and fun tech that helps break the ice with patients

  • Oncology: Port access, anxiety management for infusions

We couldn’t get a little 4 year old girl to sit still for a procedure. She was screaming and crying. I took out the SpellBound cards and was talking to her, and she started interacting with the cards and calmed down. Using SpellBound along with relaxation techniques, the patient stayed calm and the doctor was able to finish the procedure. Everyone was surprised at the cards and their effect, and looking at me like ‘Gosh, what did you pull out of your pocket…a magic wand?
— Ana, CCLS
Lion Journey Card.gif

How Can I Donate SpellBound to a Hospital?

Are you interested in donating SpellBound to a hospital? Let us know!

We have an oncology patient who didn’t want to do his PT session. Screaming, yelling, trying to bite, kick, and punch. I opened with the line ‘I have an elephant in my pocket, do you want to meet it?” and he stopped crying. Using SpellBound cards like the Elephant Journey Card, we were able to quickly get him through the entire PT session, something that normally would have taken much longer or wouldn’t have happened at all. It’s pretty remarkable to see what SpellBound can do...it’s a tool I use all the time.
— Brindi, CCLS