Continuing Education

SpellBound believes in providing professional development and continuing education for clinicians, therapists, other hospital staff, and anyone who is interested in learning more about augmented reality in healthcare. Below are webinars, white papers, and other resources available for educational use. If applicable, complete the quizzes and we will send you a certificate that can go towards continuing education credits.




3D Simulations for Radiology: Improve Efficiency and Decrease Sedation


In this brief webinar, Head of Business Development, McKinley Owens, discusses current patient education techniques for radiology and the benefits of augmented reality as a technology. The webinar ends with a demo of SpellBound’s MRI simulator.

Practical Pediatric PX: 7 Research-Based Ways to Improve Pediatric Patient Experience


We know how important pediatric patient experience is, but sometimes it feels difficult to know where to begin. These seven simple interventions are research-backed ways for hospitals to start improving their patient experience for patients and caregivers. Listen to CEO Christina York and Director of Marketing Rachel Martindale discuss the research, examples, and technology behind said interventions.

Bring Your Interventions to a New Dimension: How 3D Technology Can Help Improve Patient Care

Child Life teams around the US are using 3D technology like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as interventions to decrease trauma and perception of pain for their patients, and to provide better patient experience. How are they using these cutting-edge technologies to provide an alternate focus and to motivate patients?

3D Technologies for Child Life

David Nesbitt from SpellBound shares about how augmented reality and virtual reality are being used by Child Life teams to improve the patient experience. This presentation was prepared for academic programs with a focus in Child Life.

Creating Magic: Augmented Reality Interventions in Child Life

In this webinar, Christina and David from SpellBound share why augmented reality tools are a natural fit for Child Life, how Child Life teams are using these tools today, best practices for implementing AR tools in your practice, and much more.