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5 Uses for Augmented Reality in Children's Hospitals

Over the last couple years, we've begun to see the revolutionary effects of what augmented reality (AR) can do for kids in the hospital. Augmented reality is a view of the real world with added digital information on top of it--an example of this would be Pokemon Go. When used by child life specialists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, AR can be safe, effective, and immensely impactful for patients. Here are 5 ways AR brings the greatest value to patients, families, therapists, and hospitals:

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What's All The Buzz About Child Life?

In the last couple weeks, you may have seen in the news that New Orleans Saints’ punter Thomas Morstead raised $221,143 for Children’s Minnesota’s Child Life program and is now in the process of raising over $100,000 for Child Life programs in Louisiana. What is Child Life? And why should you want Child Life at your local hospital? Although it often doesn’t receive a lot of attention, Child Life plays a huge role for kids across the world.

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