SpellBound Brings Valentines to Life for Patients

It’s not easy for patients and their families to have to spend holidays in the hospital. Valentine’s Day is one of those special holidays where kids get to eat a lot of heart-shaped candy and give valentines to their classmates and friends. Missing out on those celebrations is tough, which is why children’s hospitals make an effort to bring joy to patients by delivering them valentines. Most of these Valentine’s Day programs are powered by asking the community to send virtual valentines, which are then printed out and hand delivered to patients in the hospital.

As a company focused on reimagining patient experience, we love every opportunity to spread joy and love to patients. The last couple years, we’ve worked with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital to bring their valentines program to the next dimension. Each valentine triggers a SpellBound augmented reality experience like kicking a field goal, making a dinosaur dance, spinning a robot, and digging with a construction truck. This year, we added a new interactive character, the Bear, to the line up of valentine choices. These valentines present an added layer of interaction, fun, and distraction in the hospital environment.

When kids have to be in the hospital, these small gestures are what make a difference—not only in bringing moments of joy, but greatly impacting the patient experience. One patient’s family member commented, “Our little girl was in the PICU for valentines last year. The little things really are great touches when you’re there.”

Check out this year’s Valentine’s Day recap video above and last year’s can be found below.

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Rachel MartindaleComment