Let The Madness Begin!

By Jake Derry

Chicago. Ann Arbor. Orlando. Philadelphia. Santa Clara. All in the span of four weeks.

 Not our actual travel routes. | Source: googlemapsmania.blogspot.com

Not our actual travel routes. | Source: googlemapsmania.blogspot.com

In May, SpellBound is kicking off a nationwide marketing campaign to get its apps and books in more hospitals and thereby reach more children and families.

The campaign starts May 11th in Chicago for BookExpo America, a conference for publishers and authors. SpellBound was there last year. That’s where we met the authors of Sleep Sweet and Albert The Confused Manatee, so we’re hoping to discover more fantastic authors and books like those.

From there, we return to Ann Arbor to present to over 450 investors, fellow founders, and business professionals at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium on the 17th and 18th.

Next, we fly down to Orlando for the Child Life Council conference from May 19-22. It’s the biggest gathering of child life specialists that there is, and we plan to learn a lot from talking with them.

During that same time, we’ll be set up at Tech Twilight, an Ann Arbor community event for kids and families on the 20th.

Wait, take a minute to catch your breath. We still have a little ways to go.

After all that, Christina goes to Philadelphia to present at GetConnected, a conference put on by GetWellNetwork, the leading provider of interactive patient care.

Last but not least is Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California on June 1-2. SpellBound is up for an “Auggie” award for Best Enterprise Solution. Please go vote for us here. Also, Christina will be giving a joint talk with JJ Bouchard from Mott Children’s Hospital at the conference.

Finally, the madness subsides...maybe.

We tell you all of this now, so that you understand when we don’t answer emails, are posting an obnoxious amount on social media, and are sleep deprived about to walk into the middle of a busy traffic intersection...OH NOOOO!!