How Your Hospital Can Leverage the Power of Social Media

This Valentine’s Day, we teamed up with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital to create something extra special for the kids. Mott gathered valentine greetings from all over the world and we brought them to life with augmented reality. Over 23,000 interactive valentines were sent from over 25 countries and included a dino, a digger, a robot, and a Michigan helmet and football that each had a SpellBound 3D experience.

Image via C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

Image via C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

This is the first augmented reality valentines project ever put on by a hospital, and it was a big hit. The kids were incredibly excited as they received valentines that they could bring to 3D life and play with. They punted footballs to score field goals with fireworks, dug up hearts, made the dinosaur dance, and spun the robot. Augmented reality is such a new experience that it’s like magic to kids--and what better way to use it than to bring that magic to children who are stuck in the hospital on a special day. You can try out the valentines for yourself by downloading the SpellBound AR app in the Apple Store or Google Play and pointing your device's camera at the cards.

Not only did the patients love the valentines, but the internet community has as well, which has brought a lot of attention to the work C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital does for patients. Social media is an incredible tool for bringing people together behind a purpose and letting them share amazing stories. When hospitals leverage the power of social media in creative ways, the results can be tremendous. The video of the kids playing with their valentines has already amassed almost 90,000 views over all different social media channels!

Your hospital can also create campaigns like this to generate interest and get the community involved, and Child Life can be a big part of it. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite the community to help patients feel less isolated and get a better night’s sleep

  • Create a music video with patients that could go viral

  • Bring in superstars to spend a day with the kids

  • Post impactful child life specialist stories

It’s amazing how powerful it can be to leverage social media and invite the community to participate in hospital initiatives and events. Getting your child life team involved in executing these things can also bring exposure to your team and the child life profession as a whole. Not only does it benefit your patients, it helps you share the great work your team and your hospital are doing to help patients.

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