SpellBound Presents: Charlotte and the Quiet Place

SpellBound Presents: Charlotte and the Quiet Place


Whether it’s sitting in a rambunctious classroom, walking through a crowded park, or waiting in a hospital waiting room before a procedure, it’s not hard for children to become overwhelmed and anxious by the many distressing environments they encounter.

If only they could find a quiet place.

We get that. Even as adults, we, too, work in bustling offices, walk in those same parks, and wait in those same waiting rooms, wondering where is our quiet place?

That’s exactly why we fell in love when we discovered the children’s book Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin, illustrated by Sara Woolley (Parallax Press, 2015).

Charlotte and the Quiet Place is the relatable and charming story of a girl who is surrounded by noise wherever she goes. An unexpected adventure leads her to discover mindful breathing and experience the beauty of silence.

With engaging illustrations and important messages of self-discovery and empowerment, this book is adored by fans of all ages and has won several children’s book awards, including the Gold Winner in Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award, and the Silver IPPY Award.

We’re not surprised. In fact, we want to help bring the beneficial messages and vibrant artwork to even more people.

We want to bring Charlotte and her noisy world to life through the SpellBound AR app!

At SpellBound, we create augmented reality tools that help pediatric specialists to reduce patient trauma and improve the hospital experience. Our app transforms books and cards into magical 3D experiences, allowing you to see characters leap from the page, hear narration and music, and interact with characters and their world in ways you’ve only ever imagined.


The specialists use the SpellBound AR app and materials to distract patients during difficult or scary procedures and provide escape from an unfamiliar setting.

SpellBound has created augmented reality experiences for children’s books in the past, but we are thrilled about doing this project with Debbie and Sara, the author and illustrator, because Charlotte is the ideal character to help comfort and calm the children whom the specialists serve in their hospitals.


We are going to enhance each page of the book with eye-popping 3D visuals, content-related sound effects and narration, and interactive elements that will delight readers.

Imagine a child in her hospital room reading through the story with the app, seeing Charlotte popping off the pages as her dog, Otto, chases a squirrel through the park. Charlotte invites the child to breathe deeply with her. Hoooo ahhhh. The girl follows along and finds a sense of peace as she’s getting ready to be wheeled to the surgery room. We want this to be something the child comes back to over and over as a source of joy and inner calm.

As great as this experience would be for children in the hospital, we also recognize the value in providing that magical, meditative experience for children and parents who simply want to calm their minds and bodies in our busy world. So, we’re bringing this project to Kickstarter.

If you want to get notified when the project launches, fill out the short sign-up form here.

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