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I'm a Child Life Specialist

SpellBound was created with the help of child life specialists, for child life specialists. We focus on the hardest part of your work: distracting patients and helping them comply with treatment.

SpellBound is engineered for you, with your needs in mind:

• Easy to master, our technology takes less than 15 minutes to start using effectively.
• Designed to fit into your workflow, using pocket-sized materials and the devices you already carry with you (tablets and smartphones).
• Enables therapeutic and imaginative play, bringing moments of joy to pediatric patients.
• SpellBound’s age-appropriate content is incredibly immersive and engages patients for up to 30 minutes at a time: kids and parents love it!

I'm an Occupational Therapist / Physical Therapist

Read this Detroit News article to learn how PT and OT at CS Mott Children’s hospital use SpellBound.

We know that kids don’t understand your rehabilitation milestones. SpellBound helps you and your patients meet treatment goals using fun and immersive 3D experiences that motivate patients to persist with painful or frustrating exercises.

We work with rehab engineers to create gamified interactions and activities that support both gross and fine motor skill development, such as:

• Multi-sensory engagement (tactile, auditory, visual) to fully immerse patients in activities.
• Grasp, pinch and gesture-based activities with physical objects.
• Activities requiring patients to practice motions repeatedly to trigger interactive content.
• Various target sizes to help patients of all abilities practice different movements.

I'm an Administrator

Just like you, it’s our goal to get patients home as quickly as possible, in good health, and with positive stories to tell about their experience. You hire child life specialists and other certified therapists to help pediatric patients along their journey: we create SpellBound tools to help therapists be more effective at their jobs.

We’re the only technology provider that focuses on creating age-appropriate, therapy-focused tools that integrate into the therapists’ workflow and can be used broadly across many departments in the hospital. SpellBound requires no hardware purchases and provides experiences that families and patients have never before encountered, making it exceptionally effective at capturing attention and engaging children.

• Reduce trauma for patients and families by providing safe and effective alternatives to restraints and sedation.
• Reduce costs for hospitals by encouraging compliance with treatment protocol, positively impacting procedural prep, duration and length of stay.
• Increase patient and family engagement with staff, the hospital environment, and your brand and mission, creating loyal champions for your hospital.